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Creating your own DIY community in higher-ed

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you have an idea, and everyone is in full support of the idea, but nobody wants to actually act on the idea except you? Or worse, people just don’t understand … Continue reading

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Confab Higher Ed in Hotlanta

Confab Higher Ed is one of the first of its kind… in that it’s the first-ever higher-ed edition of a Confab event! I’ve been to a couple of conferences as a community manager, but none really come close to how … Continue reading

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Getting out of your social media rut

As the guy who essentially runs all of the content for my institution’s social media, I come across this hole… this abyss… this cavernous breach that I want to call the capital-O Office. It’s the physical form: your actual office … Continue reading

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Questions: If you move to another city and come back to visit Miami, whats the first place you’d go eat?

I’m really bad with starting things up and keepin it going… more the latter part than the former. Like this blog… I wish I could post everyday but I’m just, either not in the writing mood, or I’m just too … Continue reading

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What does having a journalism degree mean for social media?

Man, I gotta say I was a little frustrated with Hamilton Nolan’s post on Gawker titled: “J-Schools Release Updated Bullshit Justifications for Own Existence” It was frustrating for a couple of reasons… 1) being that I sometimes-proudly wave my journalism … Continue reading

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