Questions: If you move to another city and come back to visit Miami, whats the first place you’d go eat?

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I’m really bad with starting things up and keepin it going… more the latter part than the former. Like this blog… I wish I could post everyday but I’m just, either not in the writing mood, or I’m just too busy!

So this is a QUESTIONS series where I will ask a question on Twitter, and compile the answers and write about what I found.

Today I went and asked a question that inspired, I think, a really nice answer thread. My friend Ramon, who moved to New York almost a year ago, is back in town and he visited a Miami food staple: Mary’s Coin Laundry… a place that is seriously a part-time laundry joint, and part-time Cuban cafeteria. One of those places you’ll only ever see in Miami.

I love this idea, though, of moving away from home, and coming back to visit and having to absolutely positively go to a specific food spot. A spot that is essential to your being, and home wouldn’t be home without eating a meal from this place. It’s probably how you would identify your favorite place to eat in a city, right? It has the comfort food element, as well as the significance/context.

So I asked on Twitter: If you move to another city and come back to visit Miami, whats the first place you’d go eat at?

Here are some answers (by the way, my joints would probably be Sports Grill-Hammocks and/or El Mago de las Fritas… and La Carreta)


Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 3.05.53 PM (2)





Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 2.18.19 PM (2)


Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 2.55.44 PM (2)

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 2.56.33 PM (2)

Obviously, I’m from Miami, so most of these answers are Cuban places. Islas Canarias and Palacio de los Jugos are pivotal Cuban joints. Sports Grill, of course, is a must for me at least. Sports bars are pretty basic, but the food is what makes it stand apart from others– Sports Grill has amazing wings.

But then there are some answers that are very basic… places like Samurai and The Local. Places you can find anywhere in the U.S. The Local is great, but it’s also a gastropub, so you can find tons like it. Samurai is hibachi-style Japanese food. Not hard to come by at all.

Turns out that all of these places aren’t necessarily chosen for how good the food is, but because of the significance it has. My friend Armando said he’d go to Kon Chau because of what it reminds him of. So, yeah the food itself is important, but also what exactly the food means.

El Mago, to me, reminds me of my grandad and the type of pots he’d use to fry pork up. That’s why I’d go… it’s nostalgic. So, yeah, the meal I look most forward to the most is the one I’d eat when I come back to visit Miami.

Places listed:
Kon Chau Restaurant
Pincho Factory
Versailles Restaurant
Shorty’s BBQ
The Local
La Carreta
Islas Canarias
Sports Grill-Hammocks
El Palacio de los Jugos

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