10.Deep Lookbook

10.Deep just put out a very very sick lookbook video preview of their next Spring drop.

SPRING 13 – DELIVERY THREE PREVIEW from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

To me, this is one of my favorite approaches to initiating a lifestyle to your brand. Notice all the cues:

1. Music: The Bug – Skeng (ft Flow Dan) – Amazing dub/grime tune from the London producer. The whole thing feels very London to me– the half-time gut-punch, the broad reverb, Flow Dan’s brash delivery. When I think of cross-cultural clash between Carribean music and UK dance music, this song is it.


2. Models: faces covered in very slick fabrics and patterns. Totally mysterious, somewhat macabre. Everything’s positioned like shawls, turbans and head garms. Again, signifying different styles by way of positioning the cloth in a way that reps a multitude of fashion cultures.

3. Patterns: simple flowers, snake skin, camo, stripes– kinda streetwear-ish in nature. But in the context of this lookbook video, with the song and how everything is presented completely changes the way I look at 10.Deep’s clothing.

Sometimes, I feel like with these streetwear brands, that it’s not the actual clothing being sold (I mean it is) but it’s actually presentation of it that I’m really buying. I’m buying a culture and lifestyle. Anyone can come up with a cool pattern idea, take it to the manufacturer and have a short sleeve summer shirt. It’s how it’s presented by way of who models it and what the context is.

Supreme is a lifestyle brand that infuses music as part of the culture. Just by judging from this season’s drops– Supreme is for fans of New Order and the Misfits. Fans of those who also skateboard and wear leopard polos.



Same goes for Palace Skateboards, which I wrote about a couple months back.

Streetwear brands is less content, and more context.

10.Deep really hits it out of the park with this lookbook video. It’s grimey and macabre, but it’s juxtaposed with these really cool, somewhat feminine patterns. It’s like when I saw French Montana wear Versace. It’s a lifestyle juxtaposition that works.

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