There’s a list of producers I’m excited about right now. Kowton (he’s been around for a little, though), Alex Coulton, Bandshell. But one guy who’s really caught my attention, and the attention of other producers, is Truncate.


I stumbled upon his music (and this is a first) by just searching and roaming around Beatport. I can’t tell you off the top of my head what I was looking for but Truncate came up and it was so fresh.

Techno, in general, can be very stale, boring and kinda corny. Truncate, however, is guttural and dense… and sorta feels like someone hitting you across the chest with a cro-bar (at 124 bpm). The kick he uses for his tracks is always fiercely heavy. It’s stripped-down; it’s texture-heavy– almost like the best elements of Actress’ R.I.P. but in techno form. I can’t even begin to tell you how great and weighty his music sounds.

Kompakt is a label I really dig– bringers of minimal techno from Cologne, Germany. But there’s a lot of stuff I’m not into, and I think it comes down to the melodies techno producers use. I’m just not into it.

For me, techno should have a feeling and texture. And I put an emphasis on texture, because that’s the element that really gets me.

Truncate has that and he apparently goes under another monikor, Audio Injektion. Haven’t really dug that deep, but Truncate is someone I recommend if you’re into dudes like Actress and Basic Channel. Really forward-pushing music right here.

I just bought a couple of his records on wax and I’m excited to play em out.

Check out his bandcamp, soundcloud and his stuff available on beatport.

Also here’s a cool interview done by Ear to the Ground.

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