Weekly Round-Up

Wow. I never ever in my life thought I’d be this busy in one week.

As an adolescent male, which I arguably still am (I think), I never understood how “adults” could be too busy to get into new music or keep up with stuff. Never got that until this week.

Work has been killer… but it will only be this week. I love my blog too much to just give up writing simply out of exhaustion or fatigue.

Here’s a round-up of everything I’ve been excited about this week:

Saturday, Out of the Blue @ Cafeina, WMC

photo (10)

Incredibly hot day, but amazing music supplied by Oneman (who no one was there for unfortunately), Pional and Four Tet. FT had the best set of the day, and possibly my favorite of WMC. Crosshatching dub, techno, UK funky, tribal, Talking Heads all in one set. Amazing. John Talabot and Jamie XX were both very “one-note”. Very bored with their sets.

Bambounou – Full of Feelings

monkey_51076ce47399b3.36740250 (1)

Specifically this song.

HUF’s Woodland Camo 1984 Shoe


Very bummed I couldn’t cop the Supreme Camo Air Force 1s from the Fall season. I see these as the next best option. However, last thing I need right now is shoes.

Deadboy’s Black Reign

Dark UK Garage roller. It has a very stray Deadboy sound– his consists mostly of colorful R&B samples and synthy positive stuff. Big up, Numbers! This entire EP is amazing.

Denzel Curry on MTV with Waka Flocka Flame

I gotta also touch on how lame Kid Kapri is and how he assumed anyone that owns a bunch vinyl is from either the Bronx or New York in general. Might be jumping the gun by saying this, but he seems like typical New York hip-hop purist. Whatever– Waka is a badass in every way.

Spring Breakers


I both was both clueless/conscious of what I was getting into with this movie. Harmony Korine is really divisive for me. Stuff like Gummo & Kids (that was Larry Clarke) is great; Trash Humpers, however, is something I’ll never watch.

This movie starts off kinda slow, since these girls are vapidly uninteresting. Korine is no stranger to beautiful direction– the movie has no absence of that. Though, spring break, mtv culture, pop in general is a cool subject… but the spring break culture is sometimes not strong enough for me to justifiably consider it through an art-scope. (I don’t own strong enough art goggles for it, I guess).

It isn’t until James Franco comes in that the real draw of the movie comes through: West Florida culture. Trashy, ghetto, white– amazing. Korine captures it really well. Gucci was great, too.

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