Dirtybird BBQ


The dirtybird BBQ yesterday was totally awesome. Though, it didn’t start that way.

I wanna preface by saying that my expectations were set by last year’s incredible dirtybird BBQ– which was the first time I’d ever seen any of these DJs live. The vibe was unlike anything I’ve witnessed: laid back day party w/ free food and incredible house music.

Dirtybird’s sound is ostensibly “house”. However, there’s an underlying chesty, warm bass in deep within it that really makes the label stand out from other house labels. I mean you can tell these guys and girls are jamming to UK bass music (inviting dubstep wobbles and low-ends come to mind).

Well anyway, some sound issues were drastically delaying the party (the outdoor stage in particular) and they had to move the party inside one of Villa 221’s rooms. BBQ was still going, though. And the vibe in that room was killer. I got in as J Phlip and Kill Frenzy were doing a b2b set.


I absolutely love J Phlip– she’s my favorite from the label, with French Fries, Justin Martin and Shadow Child as close candidates.

J is probably the bassiest out of everyone. Some of the stuff she plays feels more at home with Swamp 81 than dirtybird– a lot of it ain’t 4×4 house music. Kill Frenzy was great, too. J Phlip also played Boddika – Soul What (Boddika Remix) which was incredible to hear out live. It got everyone going nuts!

Party moved outside finally, with Eats Everything and Catz & Dogz doing a b2b, which was good. Basic house, though, so I took the time to sit down.


Followed by an incredible Claude Von Stroke & Justin Martin b2b set. Almos 2 hours and it was insanely good. Housey, but undoubtedly bassy. Also, Justin Martin played this ridiculous Yo Gabba Gabba-inspired Miami Bass tune. Insane.

De La Soul was fun! And French Fries closed the night. Dug his set but I was too tired to stay for all of it. Overall– another great Dirtybird BBQ!

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2 Responses to Dirtybird BBQ

  1. I had no idea this music existed, that track is sweet

  2. alexsap954 says:

    I was helping out grilling all the burgers all day it kind of sucked I missed that Kill Frenzy J Phlip B2B cause i was out there helping but once the music did kick on the place went nuts definitely was an awesome day meeting everybody was really cool

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