The Most Likes

All right, so it’s been a solid week as FIU’s new social media/content manager and after submitting multiple posts across all platforms, I’ve figured out a lot of things.

I’m inching closer and closer to what the general FIU population wants to see on their Social Media channels. And I gathered this by most likes, insights, and generally asking my student friends their opinion. It’s all about tapping into the idea of Miami and what a college is.

1. Beautiful shots of Campus

FIU undoubtedly looks very “Miami”: Palm trees, contemporary art peppered all over campus, Deco-inspired architecture and sun (on our best days). These seem to get the most likes from our Facebook and Instagram. And it’s because we’re tapping into the Miami aspect of the institution. FIU has a beautiful campus, and having something great to look at on the way to class inspires pride and allure. I took a photo from SIPA on the way to the office and posted it on Instagram: 300+ likes.

photo (7)

2. Enrollment Information

Enrollment, which is the umbrella for Financial Aid, Student Financials, Admissions, Registration, etc, is arguably the most important office on campus and I’ll often allude to this office from here on out. Our contact within the Enrollment department gave us the notice that Fall/Summer schedules are up. I took to Facebook and Twitter to announce it as a simple status. Didn’t think much of it, honestly. It was seen by 15,000+ people (last time I checked). The last post to exceed this number was a post done a couple weeks back about fraudulent checks being mailed to students.

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 8.41.42 PM

Students want pertinent information: Enrollment Appointments, Reimbursement money, Financial-aid related info.

3. Success

I posted something Friday at around 4 p.m. about our Medical School students getting assigned their residencies. 100% received the residency requests they had selected and I was given a cool photo of a map of the U.S. with red dots over the cities our students will be residing.


It was a story of FIU students (just like any other FIU student) on their way to greatness, as well as a cool, compelling visual to accompany it.

This got 202 likes on Facebook (with 11,000+ views) and 138 likes on Instagram. At 4 p.m. (during Spring Break). This was a huge revelation for me.

People want to see success because that’s why they’re in college, and specifically FIU) As well as the allure of the campus:it is really beautiful. And they want FIU to help them out with stuff: students want transparency and for the institution to help them out with stuff like financials because they already spend enough time worrying about school-work.

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