Ben UFO 4 Hour Boiler Room Mix


I’m trying to fathom how weird a four-hour set can turn if I was given the duties… might start heading off-the-rails (so to speak) around the hour and a half mark.

Ben UFO, one of the best DJs in the game really, swam into unfamiliar territory (at least to those familiar with UK house) from the start. A DJ who is mostly known for bassy house, techno, left-field bass and grime bits, Ben UFO kicks his set off with funk, disco and dub. Dub, to this day, still sounds more futuristic than anything I’ve heard come out today. If I spot it, I always try to cop a King Tubby record at a shop (same with Sun Ra). By the 56-minute mark of Ben’s mix, the familiar comes through: some Peverelist, some Kowton.

Just in general, though, a four-hour set is a great way of hearing a DJs entire musical compass. No rush is given, so trying to fit in as much vibes in an hour is diminished, and a 4-hour time period gives the DJ more ease and room to fit in stuff he doesn’t usually play. Stuff like the disco and funk.

I love this Ben UFO set because it’s challenging and will take you some time to get through. And also, it’s a true representation of Ben UFO as a label-head and a DJ. It’s a better self-portrait than his Rinse CD and his Fabric Mix. Peep it!

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