We don’t take kindly to Threatz

If you follow Raider Klan at all, which I do to some extent (there’s so much damn music from them, it’s hard to keep up), you know that member Denzel Aquarius Killa Curry released the video for his second single “Threatz” off of his forthcoming mixtape Nostalgia 64.

Shameless plug: read my interview with Denzel from the County Grind blog!


Now, if you know me, you know that I’m very very into this dude, more than anyone in RK (yep, even SpaceghostPurrp, who is still really good, but often overshadows some of the better talent in the group). Denzel has elements of that syrrupy darkness that encompasses most of early-90s Memphis rap (Three-Six, Lil Noid) but also facets of 90s New York street shit (Big L) combined with the violent but dorkiness of stuff like Wu-Tang and MF Doom. The combination of all of this is essentially what I generally want from rap music, so it makes sense that Denzel is my favorite dude on RK. (Yung Simmie and Robb Banks are up there, though, and they’re both on this tune)

Having listened to all of Denzel’s tapes, Nostalgia 64 is probably going to top all of em, due to the hype built by stuff like his first single, and his weird short movie.

RK tunes are all unanimously “posse cuts”. I’d never seen a bigger group of rappers who want nothing more but to contribute to their peer’s songs. Seriously some tunes have like 5 dudes (and girls, too) on it.

Threatz has the best rappers in RK going in and Denzel, Simmie and Banks have never sounded better. Also, never underestimate Raider Klan’s ability to connect street life with Pokemon and Bleach.

Best lines of the song:

Denzel –

Put a motherfucker’s face on a white tee, thats a what a nigga get being p-i-e, Sweet, nigga you d-i-e, Sleep, motherfucka that’s 6-feet


Never take kindly to threats, I be off for your neck before you reach for the tech, SIMMIE, niggas gon hear me then fear me, FEEL ME, whole buncha green in my philly, TURN UP


South Florida rider, only smoke mint and brown, in the flame of that magic dragon and kill that Charmander

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