Social Media Goals

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So it’s technically my first day today on the job and all I can think about are my long-term/short-term goals. Mind you, those long-term goals can take anywhere from 1-2 years to achieve. We’re talking about an institution with thousands of people at the helm. So, yeah, one dude with a Supreme iPhone case (BLING BLING, kid) isn’t gonna do much in a three-month period.

What I’ve seen so far in terms of FIU as an institution/college is that like all colleges, “pride” is a very powerful theme and narrative to use when it comes to social media, marketing, branding, etc. Even if it’s an institution like FIU which would be considered a “commuter” school and houses a lot of natives from the area (rather than a heavy influx of transplants and out-of-towners like most other colleges) PRIDE is the one element all audiences can get down with. Whether it’s a future student (intrigue), current student (allegiance) and/or alumni (nostalgia), Pride is popular with all of ’em.

The pride is undoubtedly there, but it needs to be ignited… and the only way to do that is through the marketing/content/social media/branding strategy. And honestly, these facets all encompass the same space really. It’s a matter of bridging the resources and coming together to make it happen.

So some of my goals are as follows

1. Creating an accesible directory for Social Media

Building a page that lists all of the social media channels run by the institution’s major offices. We’re talking enrollment, admissions, financial aid, rec services, dining, etc. These are things students want to connect with. And having an avenue for them to snatch whichever resource they desire makes a whole lotta sense to me than having the main school account answer all your questions.

2. Building a best practices/standards for SM

What’s great about this is that the framework has already been written by my colleagues. So the major copy work has been done. However, revisions are healthy and these type of guidelines shouldn’t remain too stagnant. On that same token, too many edits can be damaging since we want the principles to be a standard guide. It should be generally sacred haha. This document will require not just the help from marketing, or even me, but also the web director as well.

3. On-Campus Social Media group

An effort was made to do one in the past but it was put in the backburner. Reviving this aspect of community to the SM environment can really be healthy for campus-wide growth. This would consist of meeting once a month to discuss topics from the SM sphere, as well as discussing developments in SM for the institution.

4. Large-scale Social Media campaigns

This isn’t even a social media thing. This is just a large-scale campus thing. Something like what UF did for their FALL 2013 admissions. These are ideas that start out on a social media tip, but grow into something that affects the larger picture. I’m interested in those. These type of projects not only have one division at work, but multiple.

5. Utilizing resources/team-building

If you’re a Social Media manager and (wo)man the front alone, it can be tough and stressful. I don’t want it to get like that for me. I want to build a team, whether its students or even people from within my division to contribute/create content for social media. If you’re out on the lawn, or by the library and see something interesting, take a photo and write 140 characters about it. Contribute, since not only does it help me but keeps relationships healthy within the office.

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