Professional vs. Personal

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I’ve been trying, for the past couple of weeks, to really mark this blog as my personal blog… and to me, nothing is more personal than the music I’m into. It’s the thing I’m most passionate about really. That, clothes, culture, etc.

I sprinkle, here and there, plugs and links to articles I write for my freelance gig at Broward New Times County Grind, but that ain’t what I do full-time.

I’ve been working in web for about a year and a half and I’m slowly climbing up the communications/marketing side of it. And I just got a new job as Florida International University‘s Social Media/Content Manager. Pretty sweet deal.


Anyway, I’ve been struggling, internally, on whether I should sprinkle more of my professional swag into this blog since I really don’t like the idea of managing two separate blogs (personal & professional). Hard enough doing one, really.

Problem with that is that my job has very little to do with my personal taste, so having that crossover with grime music and Palace skateboarding might get lost in the fray.

The professional blogging aspect of it is less to do with what’s peaking my interest personally, and more to do with showcasing to the web community what I’m doing exactly and my thoughts on any striking new developments in web communications. I feel like I’m already boring you. ANYWAY, it’s professional transparency and networking.

So I’ll most likely be adding a new section to the blog designated for all-things web.

But on another note, my personal tastes and thoughts are part of the overall picture– it creates an online persona for me I guess. Not that I’m searching for that type of internet ego. It’s just for people in the (higher-ed) web community to get a better feel of who I am.

Also, having started the job this week (essentially), I can already tell I’ll have less time for personal development and you’ll most likely see more social media-oriented content.

Here and there, I’ll try to fuse the two. You can check out the DMZ 8th Birthday Storify I made a couple of weeks back.

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