Episode 95 (3/7/13)

Alex Coulton-01

Shouts to everyone who locked themselves in last night!

Decided to lay off the Serato for a couple of weeks and utilize our brand new CDJs at Radiate FM. These CDJs allow me to spin using flash drives and man it rules! Somewhat rusty on my beatmatching-by-ear skills, but it worked out! Only had a couple of mess-ups. I used to get really anxious about DJ-ing because London DJ culture is sacred and taken very seriously. So any beatmatching errors would totally mess me up emotionally. Looking back on it, I didn’t have to put myself through that much stress. But, hey, it worked out, because I’m pretty decent now!

Anyway, new stuff from Objekt, Last Japan, Dusky and Alex Coulton.

Peep the download below and the tracklist!


Actress – Lost
Alex Coulton – Candy Flip
Dusky – Nobody Else
George FItzgerald – Need You
Goldffinch – Red Mask
Joe – Studio Power On
Kingdom – Okay to Dance VIP
Jean Nipon – Put It In The Trunk
L-Vis 1990 – Wires
Randomer – Freak Dub
Die Roh – Look Out (Tessela Remix)
Objekt – Shuttered
Truncate – Truncate #7
Alex Coulton – Grande Swing
Last Japan – Ambush
Justin Martin – Ghettos & Gardens
Addison Groove – I Go Boom (Doc Daneeka Remix)

Kid Kombat – Chinga (Shadow Child Remix)
French Fries – Smoke Wine
Auntie Flo – Oh My Days (Pearson Sound Remix)
Doubleheart – Salsa
J Beatz – Boogaloo (Grievious Angel Remix)
Boddika -Up & Dance
Goldffinch – Funky Panda
Teeth – Percolator meme
Helix – Drum Track
Trevino – Derelict
Lando Kal – TMRW
Jam City – How to Relate to the Body
Ruff Sqwad – Knight Rider
Hindzy D – Shrapnel
Pinch – Chamber Dub
Logos – King Mob VIP
Visionist – Come In
Kahn – Dread
Akkord – Back & Forth
Pearson Sound – Untitled

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