NS014 – L-VIs 1990 – Ballad

Man, I’m very very stoked to purchase (as soon as it comes out) L-Vis 1990’s Ballads 12″.


I admit, I haven’t been following Night Slugs as much as I used to. Not for anything specific really– just been into different things as of late (Swamp, techno in general, Alex Coulton). Their Club Constructions and vinyl-only White Label series is always a favorite of mine (looking at you KW Griff and Lil Silva).

So what I’m sorta getting at is, because I haven’t been paying attention to NS as much (usually by following their Rinse show and keeping up with NS news), peeping the Ballads previews were that much more insane-sounding.

1. Ballad 4D

Instant rewind material.

2. Not Mad

I’ve heard this before– this is that 80’s-sounding/To Live and Die in L.A. side of Night Slugs.

3. Signal (Shame I can’t find a link to this because it’s sick. Got that same sub-bass you hear in a tune like Jam City’s B.A.D. and Strawberries)

Along with the Ballads 12″, NS has a white label by grimehead P Jam coming out soon, too. Which I’m very very excited about as well. **Unfortunately, Arizona Skyz is nowhere near this pressing. WHEN IS THAT COMING OUT??**


I’ve found both the L-Vis and PJam on Redeye Records for preorder!

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