Nonplus’ Think And Change Boxset


The label retrospective compilation can be both forward-moving but also a digression, especially for people who follow the label religiously and cultishly (I can confess to this). Comps like Night Slugs All Stars, contain a good amount of CD real estate to past releases, which if you’re me, you already bought the 12″s. Though there is a small chunk of new stuff that was either vinyl-only or truly new. That stuff is for me.

(But there’s a reason for Night Slugs doing that, and NS head honcho Bok Bok brilliantly explained why the format is like that in an article on Spin.)

Anyway, Nonplus’ Think and Change compilation however isn’t really a release geared towards potential new listeners, although it could be considered a nice gateway for people unaware of the label’s reach. Though, let’s be real, it’s for the hardcore people (crate-diggers, discoggers and people who live/breathe housy bass music). This compilation has all new tunes– stuff you’ve heard DJs playing on Rinse or at live shows. This record is for the thirsty people out there.


New stuff from the Nonplus roster like Boddika, Joy O, Endian, Kassem Mosse, Insta:mental and Lowtec. Stuff from Nonplus friends like Pearson Sound, Four tet and Martyn.

The best thing about this release is the very very limited vinyl set, which comes with the comp’s tunes in five 12″ records. (Also comes with the digital download, too!)

Here’s the tracklist (with a link to each song)

  1. Boddika & Joy Orbison – &Fate
  2. Lowtek – The Rhythm (Remix 2)
  3. Four Tet – For These Times
  4. Boddika – Beats Me
  5. Pearson Sound – Quiver
  6. Endian – Straight Intention
  7. Joy Orbison – Big Room Tech House DJ Tool – TIP!
  8. Kassem Mosse – IP Mirrors
  9. Instra:mental & dbridge – White Snares
  10. Martyn – Bad Chicago

Not sure exactly when this is out but I’m almost positive middle of March, but if you’re a vinyl head like I am, I’d get on the Think and Change LP pre-order STAT. Very limited.

The release also comes in a CD and digital download.

As far as my search has gone, the vinyl is strictly available on Surus. Couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Other retailers have the CD, though.

**By the way, ClekClekBoom has a comp coming out called Paris Club Music of all new stuff. Sure to be sick.

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