No way in hell I’m gonna be listing all of the WMC events. This is simply my schedule, so far?

I will say that the “WMC guide” everyone is sharing lately is kind of a godsend, in that Miami’s history with event transparency has been pretty bad until recently. I can’t imagine being someone who just moved into this city trying to find out what shows are happening because it wasn’t until a year ago that you had to really dig for it.

Now WMC, which has thankfully moved a lot of its amazing parties from South Beach to the inland midtown/overtown/downtown area, is so public and transparent, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and sites like Miami Alive, Crossfade and County Grind (Big ups, ma people).

MK-Burning (Vibe Mix): official WMC theme song (for me at least).

So yeah, my schedule is looking pretty solid. It’s never wise to try to fit in all of the events going on since it’s almost impossible to see all of em. One piece of advice I have is share your WMC real estate fairly and economically. As in… don’t go to an event where Jamie XX is spinning and then go to another one (another day) to see him again, while someone else you haven’t seen is spinning at the same time. You’re wasting valuable time seeing/paying for someone you already saw instead of someone new.

And for hell’s sake, don’t ever buy a ticket to Ultra– after living in Miami for more than 24 years, I’ve learned that Ultra is a giant waste of your hard-earned cash and you can see all of your favorite DJs/producers around Miami for cheaper, and at more intimate venues. Unless you’re into festivals… then do it up.



I went to the Dirtybird BBQ last year with my friend Joseph and had such a great time. It’s a daytime event at Villa 221 (great, beautiful mansion venue) with free BBQ and the whole dirtybird roster spinning, which includes Claude Von Stroke, J. Phlip, French Fries, Justin Martin, Worthy, etc. House music and burgers… seriously, you can’t go wrong! Also, De La Soul has been added, which is both odd and awesome at the same time.



Bardot, same Thursday but at night. My girlfriend loves Shlohmo and Flume so I gotta hit this up. But I like Shlohmo, too. So it works out!



Saturday Villa 221 daytime bbq event. Same vibe as Dirtybird. Though with Four Tet, John Talabot, Oneman, Jamie XX, South London Ordnance, etc. Obviously an event I need to peep. I’ve seen Oneman a couple of times and it’s not a mystery that I respect that guy to the fullest. I’ve missed Four Tet a lot and now I’ll finally get to see him. Jamie XX is a solid producer and I can’t wait to see/hear what he plays. John Talabot is sick. BBQ is provided, I think. I love daytime WMC events.



This one is a mystery. Diplo’s friends have not been announced, but since Baauer and others will be in town for the Hard events, safe to assume he’ll be there. Grand Central, Saturday night. I’m prepared for some really ridiculous raunchy business. Complete with Moombahton, trap and whatever the heck is going on at Mad Decent.

Update:: This falls on March 18th. the weekend before the 23rd. So a week before all of these accompanying events, essentially.

Hotflush Showcase


Scuba, George Fitzgerald, Dusky, South London Ordnance, etc. Hotflush is a seminal UK house/bass label. This is going on at the same time as Diplo, but I might buy tix to this just in case. Maybe a late night thing. Electric Pickle. I’ve never seen Scuba, George or Dusky. Definitely worth a visit.


Haven’t heard anything about any Do-Over event yet, but it usually happens on Sunday, during the afternoon/evening. Last year’s was so tight with secret guests popping up like Nadastrom, Skream and Flying Lotus. Incredible vibe at that one, and it was at Blackbird in the back area, which I really dig.


Windish Agency Party


Windish is always throwing a party during WMC, yet I’ve never gone. This one’s incorporating both Grand Central areas (main room and the Garret). Definitely wanna catch this one, though it’s sorta going against my “economic” WMC advice since a lot of these guys are at Out of the Blue. However, since my girlfriend has no interest in going to the Hotflush Showcase (bummer), this may be our only option. We’ll see.

So I wanna also point out that most of these events are being thrown by Safe Music, headed by my boys Diego and Ramon. In my eyes, they’ve got prime WMC real estate and they’re in charge of some of the best events. Big ups them!

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