B.o.B. ft T.I. & Juicy J – We Still in this Bitch


Dude, there are only a couple of things I know about B.o.B. (don’t know much about him, really)

Did a song with Taylor Swift
Did a song with Haley Williams of Paramore

Just from this resume, I’m lead to believe this dude might be softer than butt cheeks. Which… is a good assumption, since yeah not many rappers fuck with post-emo Warped Tour singers. But hip-hop is too weird to justify and comprehend sometimes. I guess I’ll forgive that.

His saving grace might just be this song he’s hooked up with T.I., Juicy J and Mike Will Made It to make:


The hook is all right… wish it wasn’t so DJ Khaledy, but B.o.B. is a pop rapper really: so it makes sense.

T.I. is obviously great, and still reins as king of the south (arguable, yes).

Juicy J stays silly and ignorant, which makes Juicy J the best.

But like all of the rap songs I’ve ever ever liked since I started listening to rap, the like-dislike barometer comes down to the production and Atlanta-based Mike Will Made It has pretty much proved he’s running this rap shit. MWMI has produced so many hits the past two years, including Bandz to Make Her Dance, No Lie and Turn on the Lights. People have different reasons for getting into rap, but production is always the hitter for me. Lyrical content could suck for all I care, but if the beat is good the song has somehow elevated itself to repeat listenings.

Also, he did 773 Love and that, to me, is his best.

Here’s a couple of tight interviews with MWMI.

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