Palace Skateboards & My Relationship with Skateboarding


I have a really weird history with skateboards.

If I had to put a list together of things that represented my shakey/off relationship with it, it would go like this:

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
-Etnies Sneakers
CCS catalogs (which I still get in the mail)
-Practicing a kickflip in my backyard
-Rodney Mullen
-My older brother’s cruiser
-Longboarding down parking garages
Weird Element skate videos
-Failing miserably at skateboarding
-Inadvertently getting into Supreme and Palace for the clothing, but not the lifestyle

Skate clothing culture has recently gone from frequenting your local Pacsun shop (corny) to grinding your teeth impatiently for that online Supreme drop.


At least for me. I was always bad at skateboarding, but I loved the clothes skateboarders wore… which used to revolve more around California aesthetic and has its attention more focused now on New York skate culture… which is less Lords of Dogtown and more Kids.

Anyway, Palace Skateboards has a lot of very cool skate videos, filmed on old-ass cassette camcorders. They both accelerate the Palace Skateboards brand, as well as contribute to the skate culture, as well as acting like an inadvertent lookbook for next or prior seasons.


My favorite part of skate videos has always been the music. I’ve always been really curious about the music these dudes and girls jam to, and what made the film cultivators choose these particular songs. It’s easy to put a Cro-Mags or Descendants song on a skate video, but put “Coffee and TV” as a background song and you’ve given both the skater and the video more personality.

This recent Palace video has Nas playing in the background and it rules. It’s with Shawn powers!

Here are some other Palace videos.


TRES TRILL from PALACE on Vimeo.

One particular non-Palace favorite with an original Panda Bear song

Old school Rodney Mullen shit

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