Jeremih – Fuck You All The Time (Kowton Refix)


Waiting and waiting ever so patiently for last week’s Ben UFO 4-Hour Boiler Room set to be uploaded to Youtube/Audio for heavy deep analytical consumption.

It was aired at a very awkward non-BoilerRoom time (middle of the day), but it had all of the greatness and mystery of a Ben UFO set. Huge vibes but no ID attached to any of the songs he played. I like it that way, though, because as he’s mentioned before in interviews, it’s better to work and search for the music than having it all laid out for you. Hell, man, I’m still discovering IDs for a Boiler Room mix he did two years ago.


Fair enough.

I only caught the last hour of this 4-hour mix, but it had all of the ingredients for a great Ben UFO set, where he seamlessly weaves tunes together rather than just mix. He’s a master, and the fact that it’s flawless vinyl mixing amps up the respect.

ANYWAY, enough about Ben.

This tune he played, which had me hanging upside down all of last week (exchanging opinions with some friends as well). I finally got an ID:

Any schmo can remix Jeremih’s Fuck You All The Time, mainly because the song has a solid remix(fix) ground to work with. It’s so spacey and sparse that filling in those gaps with your sound can be executed easily, but maybe too economical?

Kowton put his stamp on it, though. Soundwise, he’s generally all over the place— house and bass remains his strongest resume bullets. This has a huge Objekt vibe, though, and I can’t wait for this to get a release. Who knows who’ll release it? Hessle Audio? Naked Lunch? Swamp 81?

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