Wen – Commotion EP

I just picked this EP up yesterday from producer Wen off of Keysound called Commotion. Not sure if he’s from London– I’m gonna jump the gun and say he is, though, since the nature of his music is very much LDN. Icey, dark percussive dubstep with huge elements of gully grime instrumentals. This seems to be a direction Keysound has been taking for the past couple of years (cc: Visionist, Vibezin, Logos).

I’ve been following Keysound ever since I got into UK, with Blackdown’s Pitchfork column (R.I.P.), and Wen is definitely a newcomer. He fits right in, though. Brooding, filthy bass music.

So tight.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into Keysound, start with him, Logos and LHF. They, sonically, wave the Keysound flag hard.


Posting this image up sorta makes me wanna dig a little deeper into Keysound’s design/branding. Their vinyl labels are all really unique and central to the producer’s release… might showcase that in the near future.

Also, check out head honcho Blackdown’s legendary blog. Some amazing posts there from way back when.

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