Digital Mystikz vs Loefah ft. Sgt Pokes, Live at Transmission Leeds, 2006


This, right here, is absolute required listening.

Recorded at the height of dubstep in 2006 during Leeds Transmission, this a huge set by DMZ (Mala and Coki) and Loefah with Sgt Pokes.

This recording sounds dusty as hell, and just really cruddy– but amazing at the same time. Low-ends are still visible, though. And Sgt Pokes, of course: one of the best MCs ever, does such a great job… his presence is absolutely vital to the music.

I also wanna point out that Coki’s Tortured gets rewound like 3 times at the half-hour mark. Amazing. That tune still slays.

This was recorded and then given out as a CD on “Friday 1st September 2006 at Blackmarket Soho and first 100 Through the Door 2nd September 2006 at DMZ Post Carnival Rinse Out / The Mass – Brixton”


Straight outta the Youtube description.

Hardcore dubstep nerds, pay attention.

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