Eddie Huang: My Favorite Dude


I only just recently discovered Eddie Huang, Baohaus/NY chef and host of Vice show Fresh Off The Boat, as well as writer/author of his new memoir of the same name.

I don’t know how I discovered him (might’ve been through Hypebeast) but I had the chance of watching his Back To Taiwan/Fresh Off the Boat episode series and I was so impressed by this dude.

His show explores food, life and culture anywhere he pleases. He often-times gets compared to Anthony Bourdain, but this dude is like my age, and is into the same stuff I’m into… so not like Tony B at all really. I have a lot of respect for Tony but his show is still too cookie-cutter and on-the-surface for me.

Huang just recently did a small doc for the I Am Other youtube channel. Really inspiring guy– I definitely love his manifesto and outlook on life & work.

I will definitely be buying his book. And if you follow him on Instagram, you can see how hysterical he is.

Need to definitely visit Baohaus (his Taiwanese food joint in NY) as well. Big up Eddie Huang!


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