Ca$h Out – The Curb ft. Gucci Mane


Look, plain and simple: Ca$h Out is really bad at rapping.

But honestly, so is Future, who I think has a lot in common with Ca$h Out– and on The Curb it’s even moreso. Future is viewed as kind of a emo-rap genius. I don’t see it, but that’s not to say that I think Ca$h Out comes on top either.

Just saying, when it comes to vocoder/autotune rapping, Ca$h Out excels more than Future, especially on this track with Gucci Mane. Both Future and Ca$h Out are pretty awful at rapping, but Ca$h Out does more for the beat with his autotune than Future ever will.

Off of his Keisha mixtape (which I haven’t peeped yet), it’s got the signature ignorant subject material that Ca$hin Out had, from late last year. The beat, though…

The beat is so minimal and hypnotic. It’s by producer Knucklehead, who I have zero knowledge of– but his beats are in the same vein: simply haunting. Combine that with Ca$h Out’s random verses (seriously he sounds like he’s about holding back his throw up while talking) and Gucci Mane’s superior guest spot– The Curb really rules.

Here’s a small, poor-quality interview with Knucklehead.

Here’s some other tracks produced by Knucklehead.

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