Bandshell’s Caustic View EP

The only recollection I have of Bandshell and his music was from back in June when he released his Dust March EP on Ben UFO’s Hessle Audio label. Pretty sweet release, however not something I felt too attached to.

His new one off of Liberation Technologies (which has an amazing logo and neat website) definitely carries more punch.

This video above is for the track Landfill, which isn’t the track I was looking for to show– I was searching more for this tune Nice Mullet that had essences of both grime and techno. Refreshing how well those specific avenues of music, however different, go so well together in the same song.

But the best thing about this record is how amazing the production sounds. The low-ends are so defined, yet grainy. Everything is clear, but punchy. Lots of textures. Listening to it on nice studio monitors or monitor headphones really bring the songs to another level.

Definitely check this release out.

It’s available digitally, but if you’re looking for the vinyl, they still have copies of it at Surus (aka my favorite online retailer)

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