DJ Mondie – Straight (and Vocals Pt 1 & 2)


This weekend I had a chance to peep DJ Oneman’s Boiler Room set for his Solitaire mixtape release.

Great set overall (as usual), but one track stood out overall– a grime track I’d never ever heard before, but it blew me and everyone in the BR away (as it also got a huge rewind): DJ Mondie – Straight (Jamaka B Vocal Mix)

Grime is so intricate, yet broad, it’s so easy to gloss over gems. Especially since the genre is almost more than 10 years old (more of less) and the immediacy of the internet– there’s just so much fucking grime music out there.

But DJ Mondie – Straight (2004) is exactly the type of grime instrumental I want. Touches of the signature Musical Mob bass bomb, but with the attitude of a Plasticman instrumental— it’s a painfully simple tune.

White Label only– good luck finding a (high quality) digital of this. Actually, good luck finding a vinyl copy of this, too, since I’ve only found one via Discogs for $79 (US).

The absolute best thing about this song is that every MC that jumps on it sounds like they’re doing their last verse ever– so everyone sounds fucking angry and great.

Check out all the versions:

DJ Mondie – Straight (Vocals Part 1) A-Side – (A1) Nappa & (A2) Flirta D

Straight (Vocals Part 1) B-Side – (B1) Jamaka B & (A2) All In One

Straight (Vocals Part 2) w/ Crazy Titch

Straight (Vocals Part 2) w/ JME

Straight (Vocals Part 2) w/ Shizzle

Straight (Vocals Part 2) w/ Donae’o

Straight w/ God’s Gift

Straight 2 b/w Straight (Vader Vocal Mix) ft. Fresh, Nappa & Shizzle

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