Never-Before-Heard Raider Klan Radio Interview


My radio station rules, and our DJs are equally as awesome.

One of our DJs, Brown Bear, was able to get SoFla’s very own rap collective Raider Klan to come through the station and just chill hard really.

Being from Miami, we have a pretty tight/weird relationship with music, in general, but rap music has always been our strongest suit. Especially the most grimey, ratchety rap.

Everyone at the station was real stoked for their appearance, especially since we’d been playing their tunes for a bit. We’d been specifically blasting SpaceghostPurrp, Yung Simmie and (my favorite) Denzel Aquarius Killa Curry. (BTW, I’d interviewed Denzel for my freelance gig at the Broward New Times County Grind blog)


Well they crewed-up and came by the station to hang and threw down a freestyle towards the end.

Of the crew, that came through:

  • SpaceghostPurrp
  • Yung Simmie
  • Denzel Aquarius Killa Curry
  • Ethelwulf
  • Dough Dough da Don


Seriously check this out– absolutely essential listening: DOWNLOAD

Also, this is a raw recording of the show, so excuse the language.

To add to this, here are my favorite Raider Klan tapes, with their DatPiff download:

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    Feature on last week’s Raider Klan radio interview for WRGP.

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