Episode 93: Never Yawn

photo (3)

Huge ups to everyone who locked themselves in last night. Me, the dumbass that I sometimes can be, I left my SL3 box at home before my show and resorted to playing music via iTunes.

It’s cool, though, every once in a while I like to sit down, relax and select music without the attention required for mixing.

Played a lot of new stuff, as well as some stuff I’ve been jamming to lately, including:

Had the vinyl on deck as well, so I spun a couple of vinyl-only tunes: the Animal Youth, Lobster Boy and Boddika/Mickey Pearce release. All very very sick tunes.

Also, I had mentioned on-air about ClekClekBoom’s Youtube channel and a video they have up with Bambounou & French Fries cooking chicken– very Tim & Eric in trippiness. Here it is below.

I also had my friend Never Yawn come by to spin a 1-hour set, repping his label Bastard Brigade, and toasting out an all-over-the-place set. Music by LOLGURLZ, DJ PayPal, and more. Download his set below!


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