Branding/Design: Swamp 81

It’s no secret that I’m a hardcore fan of UK label Swamp 81. I mean, yes, the music is incredible: 808 house, electro and techno, with some light dubstep… with all of it sounding very much like London.


But what I love most about Swamp is its attention to detail, especially in regards to its branding and design. Swamp, simply, has a look.

It’s minimal, using most of its message on typography and simple geometrics. And if you’re a vinyl collector, you know how much of a pleasure it is to get a Swamp 81 record in the mail. It’s not just a white sleeve. It’s a full-on detailed package with art.


Lately they’ve been using photographs for their record sleeves which is a new development– but it still feels like Swamp. Stuff like the new Mickey Pearce and Chunky.

They even have clothing you can get through the Donuts store— stuff like the 808/909/727 shirts and the limited Ugly Mug tees.


Now I’m not totally sure, but I believe their designer, along with Swamp boss Loefah, is Ashes57, who is a French designer/artist/photographer. I read this on a Trap Magazine issue from a couple months back. (Really recommend that magazine).

Her designs look obviously familiar especially with the Boddika Acid Jackson release, but not sure if she’s responsible for all record sleeves. Please someone clarify!

London record labels are usually on-point with their design/branding (cc: Night Slugs, Hyperdub) but Swamp 81 really grabs that point more than anyone. Love this label.











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