Moire – Never Sleep


Recently grabbed this warm release by London producer Moiré– an EP called Never Sleep off of Werk Discs.

WD is Actress‘ label, and it seems like all the producers housed under his imprint helm, in some way, his sound (at least their own version of it). That’s not to take away from the producer at all. It’s still very much his own vibe… but they’re all producing under a very similar foundation. ANYWAY.

Never Sleep has nice textures and a real guttural techno vibe– similar to Actress’ Splazsh record. Not to bring it up again, but it did remind me a lot of it, but in a great way.

It’s good to see WerkDiscs now partnering up with Ninja Tune for an even bigger support/distribution system. Very interested to see what happens with that.

Check out some of the other Werk Discs releases, of which include stuff by Lukid, Zomby and Lone. Super tight stuff.

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