Nina Kraviz Ticket Giveaway 5/24

Tune in this week (5/24), I’m giving away a pair of tickets to see Nina Kraviz at Electric Pickle on Sunday, June 3rd, brought to you by Safe Music. If you’re not familiar with Kraviz, she’s a former hot model-turned-ghetto/minimal house producer/DJ. Was that a lot to take in, grammatically? I Can’t guarantee all that I say on this blog is grammatically kosher– shout-outs to my Journalism degree, which I’m not putting to any good use!

Peep her Resident Advisor mix below to get a feel of what she’s about. She’s sick.

Karen Finley spoken words
Jackmaster Hater – Your Mind (Passion) – Ron Hardy Edit
Keith Farley – Funkinwithdadrums
Scott Ferguson – Dump Days
Baby Pop – You Know What I’m Saying
Nina Kraviz – Show Me Your Time
Makam – What Ya Doin’
Floorplan – Move It
DJ Houz’ Mon – IIV Getto Houz “95”
DJ Slugo – Would You Like To Be A Hoe
DJ Deeon – House-O-Matic
Gant-Mant & Eric Martin – Give The People What They Want
Bungalow Trax
DJ Qu – Juicy Fruit
Music Institute
STL – Something Is Raw
Johnick – Good Time
Regis – Purification
DJ Sneak – Acid III
Tetraflux – Room 21
Armando Gallop/Steve Pointdexter – Blackholes
Jason Fine – Conical
Omar S – Unitarian
Analog Cops & Dor – Nothing Much Going On Here
Moody Blues – A Dream
Pink Floyd – On The Run
Ego Trip – Spoken Words
In Sync – Warm
Dr. Rockit – Bath Time
Missing Channel – Spoken Words
Ego Trip – Dreamworld (World Of Dreams Mix)

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