Slimzee – 2011 June 21 RINSEfm

Big up the man Slimzee.

Dug this up from my harddrive a coupla days ago. I remember a buncha producers tweeting about Slimzee that day June 21st, saying he was spinning on Rinse. The only thing I’d actually heard from him at that point was a Sidewinder recording w/ him, Dizzee Rascal and Wiley–as far as I know, that’s a pretty sick way to get introduced to all three of those dudes. I’ll probably upload that later on, it’s a sick one.

Anyway, Slimzee is a former member of the Pay As U Go cartel, a committee of badmen MCs, producers and Djs, including Geeneus/Wizzbit, Dom P, Flow Dan, Maxwell D, Wiley, etc. All of them, for better or worse, went on to be huge contributors to the garage, grime and funky scene. MOSTLY GRIME, though.

Slimzee is a sick Grime DJ, arguably the best (Logan Sama’s up there, too). Somewhat of a pirate radio martyr, especially for his ASBO (ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR ORDER) in 2005.

Regardless, whenever he djs he’s on a badman killstreak with every tune, specializing in that turn-of-the-century transition from garage to grime, with the pivotal ESKI flavor.
I fuck around with his sets– they’re icey and give you that bulldog face when you hear it.

When I locked into this podcast, I caught it when he spun Pulse X by Musical Mob, so you know what’s up.

Download the set! (right click save)

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