Jonathan Toubin Radio Appearance – (2/23/11)

A couple of months back, Jonathan Toubin was sleeping inside his hotel room. Dude’s a beast DJ, claiming to have one of the largest collection of blues/soul/funk 45s, and has traveled the world (even to Jerusalem I think) Dj-ing. Then a moving car flew into his hotel room and gave Jonathan a plethora of fatal injuries.

Please let me know if you hear anything more freak and unlucky than this incident, because it’s a giant what-the-fuck.

Anyway, Jonathan is recovering well, with some amazing doctors and probably the most badass funk mojo to be given.

Jonathan actually came by my radio station about a year ago to promote the 2011 Bruise Cruise. He came through with his huge 45′ cradle, ready to rock out for an hour on-air. Luckily, my friend Manny recorded the entire show, and I pushed him to upload and share it on the internet.

Never been a better time to hear Mr. Toubin doin the damn thang on-air.

Without further ado, here it is for download!

(Right-click, save) DOWNLOAD

And if you have time, read this brilliant NY Times Article about JT

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