Episode 57 (3/22/12) WMC Special

Big ups to the fam locked in last night. I know it’s rough trying to find time to peep the radio this week since it’s retarded hectic (WMC), but either way, this episode goes out to you. Straight proper vybz for two hours, like I always do.

Was trying to get a special guest for WMC, but they flaked. Will not mention names!

All good, though.

Visionist – Tropics
T Williams – 30 Degree
Martyn – Bauplan (L-Vis1990 and Bok Bok Remix)
Mista Men – Daylight Robbery
Desto – Shadow Sole
Tessela – Darlene Please
KingThing – Waking Up
Roska – 480BC
Kodiak – Spreo Superbus (Girl Unit Remix)
Mister Tweeks – Neva Change (Sam Tiba Remix)
Jam City – The Courts
Le1f – Saltimore
Zomby – Rumous and Revelations
Lando Kal – TMRW
T Williams – Malfunction (ft. Alix)
DVA – Bare Fuzz
KingThing – Waking Up (Reup)
Royal T – Inside The Ride
Pearson Sound – Untitled
Goldffinch – Tip the Dog
T Williams – Can We (ft. Terri Walker)

Lathuan – Freak It
Tessela – Channel
Randomer – Scruff Box
Teeth – Frequencies (3A/3B)
DJ Sliink – Vibrate
Gremino – Drumbeat
MA1 – Circles
DVA – Polyphonic Dreams
Sam Tiba – Trick Trick (ft. Canblaster)
Rustie – After Light
Gemmy – Too Far
Faze Miyake – Tom & Jerry
Faze Miyake – Boom
Royal-T – Music Please
Redlight – Source 16
Gremino – Storm (J69 Remix)
Agent X – Decoy
Sia – Little Man (Wookie Mix)
Jamie Grind – Bad Attitude (And you Know It)
The Chain – Lostwithiel (Dub mix)
Akkord – Back & Forth
Mala – Lean Forward
The Bug ft. Killa P & Flow Dan – Skeng (Kode9 Remix)
Loefah/Sgt Pokes – ASBO

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