Episode #44 (11/17/11)

Big ups to all who locked in. I’m sure some people are getting used to the timeslot change. No biggie. It was still a massive show and bigs up, especially, to Matt in NY and the terrorbird massive.

I was initially supposed to have a buddy of mine Gooddroid come through for a b2b session, but she had to back out last minute. All good.

Tracklist below as well as download! Download will only be up for a week!

Paris Underground Trax – GTFO
Falty DL – Atlantis
Landslide – World Keeps Spinning (Monky Remix)
FCL – Let’s Go
Scratcha DVA – Polyphonic Dreams
Eats Everything – Whatever Whatever
Dubbel Dutch – Darq
Tommy Kid – Alarm Riddim (CDBL Remix)
Goldffinch – Red Mask
JPhlip – Falling Into Place
Landslides – Parables (Ramadanman Remix)
Wiley – Link Up (Request – Matt)
Dubbel Dutch – Open Up
Jam City – Countess (Request – Matt)
Blawan – Shader
New York Transit Authority – Off Tha Traxx
Jon Convex – Streetwalk
Disclosure – My Intention is War
Dexter – Space Booty
Paris Underground Traxx – Sexy Thing Remix

Viers – Night (Duncan Powell Remix)
Pinch and Shackleton – Selfish Greedy Life
Kode9 – Swarm
Martin Kemp – Aztec
Point B – E Blade
Mosca – Bax (Request – Risto)
Sully – In Some Pattern
Goldffinch – Dirty Bird
Wheez-Ie – Keep Yer Chin Up (Salva Remix)
Qq – Tek It To Them (Kalbata Remix)
Champion – Lighter VIP
George Fitzgerald – Hearts

–Footwork Flex–
DJ Morille – 1974
Phillip D Kick – Danny Breaks – Droppin Science Vol 1 (footwork/jungle edit)
Wheez-Ie – Whores
DJ Solo – What Have You Done
DJ Roc – We Evolving
Jlin – Asylum
Fis-T – Night Hunter (Slick Shoota Remix)
Bambounou – Alpha (Slick Shoota Remix)
Gil Scott Heron/Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me (Sines Remix)
Salva – Komodo
Kuedo – Onset Escapism
DJ T-Why – Orbits

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