Episode 42 (11/6/11)

Went Innnnn last night, super dumb shit. Like for real. Got off to a late start because some idiot pressed a knob and fucked up the transmission between the productions studio and the on-air studio. (Gonna talk and slap that dude), but thankfully it wasn’t too late a start.

Sometimes there are weeks where I go days without receiving or downloading anything truly exciting and boss hog– I end up just playing some of the okay “new” stuff I snatched with old tunes I like. And then sometimes there are weeks, like this one, where I got a ton of new/incredibly exciting electronic bass music (from London, Brooklyn, Berlin) to spin and it made me truly happy.

Check all of it out. HAD to wheel up the Champion tune. Heard it at the Butterz Cable rave and was all on it. Honestly, his whole set at Cable was brilliant.

Download: 192kbps

Thefft – Gammy Crazy
Untold – U29
Blawan – Shader
Damu – Breathless
King Midas Sound – Miles and Miles (T++ Re Work)
DJ Champion – Turn Up Di Bas
DJ Funeral – Bounce Dat
Mosca – Orange Jack
Brenmar – Don’t Love Me No More (MikeQ Remix)
Mosca – Bax
Girl Unit – Wut (Lao Refix)
Dexter – Space Booty
Jook10 – Hazard
Sepalcure – Breezin
Kastle – Could U Want Me (Blackwax Remix)
Starkey – Blood Roses
Myrryrs – Burn and Turn It Up
Sam Tiba / Canblaster – Tick Tick
Starkey – Rayguns
Swindle – Moodswings
Damu – Ether
Pariah – Left Unsaid

Daphni – YeYe
T++ – Dig
So Solid – Dilemma
Vybz Kartel – Half On A Baby (Mosca Remix)
Girl Unit – Wut (Claude Von Stroke Undressed Remix)
Ramadanman – Work Dem
Altered Natives – 18 Ghost Hands
J Phlip / Grizzl – Backupgrl (Grizzl Detroit Dub)
Wizzbit – Old School 2
Canblaster – Air Totem
Nguzunguzu – Water Bass Power
Dark Sky – Be Myself
Plasticman – Shallow Grave
Terror Danjah – Stuff
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Champion – Tribal Affair
Terror Danjah – East Village

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