Episode 40 (10/23/11)

Tracklist for yesterday’s episode! Big ups to everyone who locked in last night. Been thinking about possibly changing timeslots to a time during the week. I don’t know. Playing around with the idea. I feel like I don’t get as many listeners as I would if I was spinning on a Wednesday night. For now, it’ll continue to be on Sunday 8-10 slot.

Kuedo – Vectoral
Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Lil Ma
Steve “Silkie” Hurley – Jack Your Body
Scratcha DVA – Flute Tune
Sam Tiba ft. Canblaster – Trick Trick
Claude Von Stroke – Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix)
Addison Groove – An We Drop
Ramadanman – Work Them
Faze Miyake – Blackberry
Dubbel Dutch – B. Leave
Joker – Milky Way
B Bravo – Computa Love
Wheez-Ie – Keep Yer Chin Up (Salva Remix)
LAS – Power Surge (Desto Remix)
Logos – Kowloon (Devil Mix)
Benga – Live Drums
Terror Danjah – BiPolar VIP
P Money & Blacks – Boo You (Clean Version)
Mosca – Bax
Kid Kut – ILove04
Disclosure – My Intention Is War

*Footwork Flex Hour*
Kuedo – Onset Escapism
Gil Scott Heron/Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me (Juke-Sines Remix)
Fis T – Night Hunter (Slick Shoota Juke Remix)
Dj Sabbo – I Am Crazy
Slick Shoota – Pow Riddim (Instrumental)
Phillip D Kick – “Adam F – Circles” (footwork edit)
Dj Rell – Baby Talk
Dj Rashad – B Day Sex
SleepyHead – Good Love (Nightwave Remix)
GTO – Busted (Remix)
Remarc – RIP (Philip D Kick’s Footwork Jungle Edit)
Big Dope P – Kazfara Juke
Elefo – Boom Boom Papow Pow
Lil Wayne – My House (Kuemel Ghetto House Remix)
Elefo – I Was Afraid
DJ Sabbo – Upside Down
Africa Hi-Tech – Out in the Streets VIP
Traxman – Pacman Juke
Mele – Streets of Rage
Dj Spinn – Man I Do It
Mele – Lego
Dj Diamond – Burn Dat Boy
Dj Rell – Shake, Pop, Drop, Bob
Q Project – Champion Sound (Philip D Kick’s footwork edit)
Krampfhaht – I Needed You
Becoming Real ft. Trim – Like Me (Dj Rashad Remix)
Thundercat – Is It Love?

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