Episode 37 (10/2/11)

Thanks to everyone who tuned in this week. It was a rough show for me honestly. I hadn’t practiced my beatmatching since the footwork episode last week, so it might be a little rusty at first. Overall, though, as always the selection is on-point, in my opinion. A lot of new housy, garagey stuff with just a little bit of dubstep to roughen the edges a bit.

Obviously, I’m gonna be spinning Bax by Mosca– undoubtedly the best tune of the year. It has everything I want from a club tune. Sweet 2-step beat, a bassline to make your face look like a bulldog, and that late night groove that makes you dance for hours. That release in general (A-side: Done Me Wrong) released on Numbers, is one huge ode to garage– deploying so many 2-step signifiers that it shoves the “future garage” label to the side. I’m gonna see if I can maybe chat with him and post up an interview on here– haven’t really done that in a while.

Played a lot of the new Sully record (Carrier, KeySound Recordings), which is a record people should be jamming to at the moment, since he kinda explores all aspects of the present bass continuum. Dubstep and Dark garage on the 135-140 realm, and also the darkest of 160 bpm vibes with the ongoing explosion of footwork battle tunes from Southside Chicago.

Played some L-Wiz who I really got into after jamming to really old Joe Nice mixes from 2005– he spun “Egyptian” like three times in one set and I fell in love with it.

I also played some stuff from the free Adult Swim compilation “[unclassified]”. Overall the comp is okay, but some songs really standout (Untold “Peaky”, SBTRKT “Golddigger”, XXXY “Kerpow”), which is why I played those. But hey, it’s a free release with some brand new, pretty good material– no complaints. You can get that here.

Anyway, no download today. Just tracklist!

Untold – Peaky
CRST – Being With You Part 1
Sully – Encona
Visionist – Mr. 67
Skinnz – Put it On
Tete de Tigre – Schiphol Nightmare (Arcade Remix)
Mosca – Bax
CRST – Midnight (Part 2)
Ms. Dynamite – Neva Soft (Redlight Remix)
Lando Kal – Maneuver
Damu – Be Free
Champion – Lighter VIP
Wiley – Link Up
Terror Danjah vs. Brandy – Airbubble
Benga – Live Drums
L Wiz – Egyptian
Africa Hi-Tech – Caveman Style
TRC – Into Sync
Kuoyah – Convex Gravity (Desto Remix)
Sully – It’s Your Love
Horsepower Productions – Boogaloo
XXXY – Kerpow
Rebound X – Rhythm N Gash
Pangaea – Fatalist
Bosstone – Colita (bonus track)

SBTRKT – Pharaohs
Dom Perignon & Dynamite – Got Myself Together
Sully – Jackman’s Rec
SBTRKT – Golddigger
Walton – Skrilla
El Sudor – Hermit
Sully – Hearts
Ikonika – Fleas
George Fitzgerald – Hearts
Lando Kal – Maneuvers (Rehash)
Cardopusher – Then What
Skinnz – I Know
Africa Hi-Tech – Seek Em Step
L Wiz – Strength
Benga – Middle Man
Digital Mystikz – Haunted
Chalk. – On The Air
Kode9 – 9 Samurai (A sin for me to play and talk over this. Sorry)

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