Episode 36 (9/25/11) Juke and Footwork Flex

Let me just say that this was probably the most challenging show I’ve ever spun/hosted. I hardly wanted to do any talking, because most of my concentration was focused on beatmatching these really loose, sprawling footwork tunes. It’s not like house or techno, where it adheres to a really strict beat ethic. This is like a fuck-you to anything uniform and aligned– shit was fucked, but in a good way.

Our signal was down on the FM tip, but our online stream was working fine. Below is a tracklist and download. Two hours of serious non-stop, next-as-fuck footwork and juke tunes. I needed coffee by the end of it because it wore me out!

Download: 192 kbps

DJ Roc – Let’s Get It Started
DJ Rashad – Juke Appeal
DJ Diamond – Burn Dat Boy
Africa Hi-Tech – Out in the Streets VIP
DJ Nehpets – 6 Foot 7 Foot Remix
DJ Diamond – Snare Fanfare
DJ Roc – Ball Em Up
Machinedrum – Fantastix
DJ Rashad – Ghettotekzedit ’10
DJ Tre – Keepin It Simple
Mele – Lego
Cedaa – Jasmin (Dj Hilti Remix)
Damscray – Make Me Juke
Traxman – Pacman Juke
Sully – Bonafide
Dj Nate – Poetry
Chrissy Murderbot/DJ Spinn – Bussin Down
Dj Spinn – She Goin (CDJs fuck up)
Dj Rashad – Love You
Dj Spinn – She Going (CDJs are back!)
Becoming Real – Like Me ft. Trim (Dj Rashad Remix)
DJ Rashad – Let’s Go
Trick Daddy – Nann Nigga
Mele – Streets of Rage
DJ Rashad – Itz Not Rite
Machinedrum – Door(s)
Dj Roc – One Blood
Sully – Scram
Outkast – B.O.B.
DJ Rashad – Move Yo Big Booty

Boylan – Feelz Good
Chrissy Muderbot – Heavy Butt
DJ Lil Tall – Pop Yo Back (Kaptain Kadillac Remix)
Dj Spinn – Man I Do It
Dj Nate – Back Up Kid
Clams Casino – Cold War
Dj Yung Tellem – Freddy vs. Jason
Dj Rashad – I’m Gone
Machinedrum – Tom & Jerry “Yamming Snacks Like Shaggy” (Juke Edit)
DJ Diamond – I Choose You
Chrissy Murderbot – Nice Looking Buoy (ft. Warrior Queen)
Chrissy Muderbot – Nice Looking Buoy (ft. Warrior Queen ) (RELOAD)
Footcuttah ft. Ramadanovski – Gibaj
Cedaa – Windbreaker
Traxman – The Comeback
Dj Rashad – I Aint Juked All Week
Dj Roc – I Can’t Control The Feeling
Clipse – Nightmares
DJ Spinn – I Really Feel
Drake – Headlines
Dj Diamond – Horns
Clams Casino – Real Shit From A Real Nigga
DJ Clent – I Love You
DJ Roc – Break It Down
Lil Wayne ft. Drake – She Will
DJ Rashad – Rashad
Machinedrum – ??
Thundercat – Is It Love?

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