Episode 34 w/ Special Guest Chalk (9/11/11)

Big ups to Chalk for coming through this week! Usually when people come by, they bring like a friend or two. Chalk brought a Vinny Chase-style entourage with him, including a couple of dudes from Metro Zu and members of Pocket of Lollipops. Sweet meeting all of them!

He came in a little late, so my set was a little longer than an hour. But he delivered one of the most creative sets I’ve heard on WWU02.

The soundcloud for his set is below, as well as a tracklist for my set. Tracklist for his set will come soon!

Tracklist for Two Way’s Set:
Spectr – Dance 4 Me
Visionist – Survive
Matt Shadetek – Shield Dub
Magnum – Juracan (Randomer Remix)
George Fitzgerald – Hearts
Teeth – Frequencies – 38/3B – 140
Visionist – Rock the Flock
Pangaea – Hex
Walton – Skrilla
RSD – Pretty Bright Light
Matty G – Layin in Bed
Pedro 123 – Coolant
Metro Zu – Polar Bear Attack
Araabmuzik – AT2
Lunice – Juice
Dizzee Rascal – Wheel
Rebound X – Rhythm N Gash
Stagga – The Bad Dance
CRST – Dance (Mosca Remix)
Untold – Bones (Joe Remix)
Lex Luger – Like Me (Tyga instrumental)
Araabmuzik – Free Spirit
Timeblind – Strategy Decay
Clams Casino – Treetop
Steve Gurley – Hotboys (dub)
Ghost – The Club
So Solid Crew – Oh No (Remix)

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