Episode 32 (8/28/11)

Grime and Garage, mostly, on this week’s show. Just got my hands on some really pristine, classic garage tunes that I’ve been seriously trying to find for months! But I finally found clear-sounding vinyl rips of the tunes I’d been searching for (will not give away my source).

Been trying to mold an image to the show. I’m definitely trying to push the levels of what this show can morph itself into. I guess it all depends on what mood I’m in and what exactly I’m drawing, imagery-wise, from the music I listen to. Like say I listen a really basic, meat-and-potatoes garage tune– it manifests images of Chanel, women, jewelry, lavishness, rave, 90s, fashion, salon art. Just like a bunch of different shit.

When I read something like the Self-Titled interview with Zomby, and then coalesce that with a quick listen of his new record “Dedication”, along with the track titles, I think of melancholic richness. Sulking in the South of France. Drinking alone at a club. Playing the piano in an bare, empty room with only natural light giving shape to things. A song like “Basquiat” really unearths the artist, the bleakness, the beauty, the modernity, the culture.

I don’t know. I’m really into all of these images at the moment, and maybe I’m sorta focusing more on the artifice, but the music is there.

Download: 192 kbps

Plasticman – Gotcha (Dr. Venom Mix)
Mz Bratt – Selecta (Bok Bok Remix)
Wonder – Arabian Knights
K1 – Wumpa Fruit
Wiley – It’s Wiley (Royal T Remix)
Dom Perignon & Dynamite – Got Myself Together (DnD Remix)
Starfox – Duck
Lex Luger – Like Me (Recorded for Tyga)
Swindle – Moodswings
Royal T – BeatFighter (Bok Bok Remix)
Bombaman – Challenger
Becoming Real – Like Me (ft. Trim)
Jameson – This One (ft. MC Viper)
Pangaea – Hex
Hudson Mohawke – Somebody (RIP Aaliyah)
Admiral Bailey – Jump Up (Terror Danjah Remix)
Desto – Overkrookd
Lunice – Juice
XXXY – Bodymoving VIP
Redlight – MDMA (Instrumental)
Double 99 – RIP Groove
Spooky – Spartan
Bok Bok – Silo Pass

Hindzy D – Shrapnel
Jack Dixon – Low Tide
KP – I Need A Rhythm
Steve Gurley – Hotboys (Dub)
Jacques Greene – Motivation
Mz Bratt – Selecta (Royal T Remix)
Darq E Freaker – Cherryade
Addison Groove – It’s Got Me
Point B – E Blade
Joker – The Vision
Wizzbit – Old School 2
Nguzunguzu – Water Bass Power
Joy O – Sicko Cell
Kowton – Looking At You
Rob Steal – Give Into The Rhythm
Deetah – Relax (Bump & Flex Mix)
DJ Q – Do It
Contact & Mayer – Opar
Lunice – I See U (Girl Unit Remix)
Egyptrixx – Liberation Front (MikeQ Remix) (BB Edit)

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