Episode 30 (08/14/11) w/ guests: Never Yawn

There was a period of time around the start of 2011 where I had guests come on the show back-to-back every week for like three months. It was exciting and it kept me on my toes, in terms of running the show. I had Juan Basshead, Jumanji, Gooddroid, Grayghost, Betamax and Animal Krackerz come through– Sick show content but tiresome as well (for my nerves).

Kinda stopped that and consistently produced the show solo for the remainder of the summer, until like 2 weeks ago. And I sorta forgot why I loved bringing people on– it can seriously sound less like a well-produced music show and more like a shitty pirate station you can only hear between 3 neighborhood blocks. Kinda hate that statement because I don’t wanna seek out a “pirate radio” vibe because you sorta lose the valor and authenticity of it. But whatever– that’s another part of the blog I spend my time on.

Anyway, Never Yawn was so much fun to have on. I had JCTM come to STEAM #2 and his set was boss hog. Clashing moombahton, trap rap, dubstep, house, electro. Dude is all over the place. Refreshing, too, because both guys just like to play tunes; That’s all I can ask for.

I don’t have a full tracklist up, but I do have a download. So just let it breathe and I’ll have that playlist up within the next couple of days.

Download: 128 kbps

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