This is a photo taken of a couple of turkish immigrants outside of a Nando’s. They’re protecting it from the rioters and looters in LDN who have already destroyed one. I’ve never been to Nando’s but as far as I can tell it holds a weighty significance to London cuisine, especially with the UK producers/djs. If you follow a lot of them on Twitter, you’ll know that there’s at least 5 tweets a week about how amazing Nando’s is.

It’s a casual dining restaurant with a fusion of Portuguese and South African flavors, which to me sounds incredible. A blend of flavors inherent from both countries– savory and spicey dishes. Why really would you want to destroy this place?

I’ve been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsay television shows, of which there are like a billion of them. One of them is “Best Restaurant” wherein Ramsay has different places in Britain go against each other in respective categories (ie best Italian, French, Thai, etc) The introduction has him say that British cuisine has gone through a renaissance of sorts, and you’re likely to find some of the best restaurants in the world over in the UK. A lot of the restaurants on the show are mostly European, Asian and African-centered. There really doesn’t seem to be a huge representation of Carribean flavors and dishes, though, which is a shame because I feel like it’d do well there.

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