Episode 26 (7/17/11) – B2B Sessions: Risto

So this last week, I was contacted by former Radiate FM DJ and friend Risto about guesting on the show to do a DJ set. Even though Risto does not work at the station anymore, the Where Were U in 02 doors are always open to him. But instead of having him just do a one-hour set, which for me can get stale and boring– I decided to make his stay a bit more interesting. A small b2b session, separated into 20-minute increments throughout the whole show. Trading back vibes and really following each others’ pace, as well as contributing our own signature sounds and rhythms.

Honestly, even before the show started, I knew it was gonna be fun. I’ve seen/heard a lot of b2b DJ sets and what I noticed from them are lack of any dubplate expectations. It’s literally about winning/keeping the audience with great tunes, identifiable or not. So I knew that this episode would be filled with consistently excellent tune selections.

On sonic terms, me and Risto have good chemistry so it just really worked out.

This whole thing really made me want to invite more guests to do the b2b thing. More of it in the works.

The recording got a little f*cked, so I was only able to get one hour of the 2 & 1/2 hour show. Enjoy!

Download: 128 kbps

Two Way
The Rama and the Mala (Two Tribes Version)
Canblaster – Stone Totem
Jam City – Barely a Trak
Nguzunguzu – Water Bass Power
Wizzbit – Old School
Wiley – Taplin

Toddla T ft. Trigganom & Helders- Boom DJ From The Steel City
Wayne Smith – Under Mi Sleng Teng
Skream – Where You Should Be (Shy FX Remix)
The Hypnotist – This House Is Mine
Sticky ft. Ms. Dynamite – Boo!
Bruce Stallion – Screw You
Cloud 9 – Burning Up (Ray Keith & Nookie Remix)
Toddla T ft. Shola Ama & J2k – Take It Back

Two Way
Sticky – Dollar Sign ft. Stush
Pocz and Pacheko – Zarbak (Brackles Remix)
Wizzbit – Old School 2
Toasty – One Life
Benny III, Kode 9, Culprit – Larry’s Fat Skank (Kode9 Remix)
Joy Orbison – So Derobe
Addison Groove – Footcrab
DJ Zinc & Benga – My DJ ft. Ms Dynamite

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