Two Way & Smile For Camera: Casajero

So I was asked to make a mix for this Miami culture/nightlife-photography blog called Smile For Camera. They usually hit up all of the dubstep club nights in Miami, snapping photos of the girls and dudes dancing. Pretty solid photographs!

The editor-in-chief Melanie asked me to make a “summer mix” with the tinges of bass and rhythms that the Smile for Camera camp adhere to. She asked for Tropical Bass & Moombahton, though I asked if I could sorta spin it my own way. I ended up not putting any Moombahton, because I really don’t know much about that genre and bpm range. I, instead, resorted to playing house, kuduro and garage stuff. It all sounds pretty summery and ravey to me.

20 minutes was way too short! I wanted to fit more tunes on there, but I tried my hardest to keep it within the given timetable. Anyway, enjoy!

Go here for the full story!

Sticky – Dollar Sign ft. Stush
Cooly G/Scratcha – Oi Dirty
???? – ????
Breach – Fatherless
DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson – Dama S Salon ft. Dama S (Main mix)
Jam City – Aqua Box
Mark Krupp – Badman in Chicago
RIP Productions – Take A Chance
Tete de Tigre – Pelican Bay
Clueless – Gonna Be Alright

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