11-11 Podcast and small chat with Dave Betamax

Smut + Bass co-head honcho and local DJ/producer Dave Betamax contributed a mix to the 11-11 Agency, a publicity/management agency based out of L.A. w/ people like Mary Anne Hobbs, Mono/poly and Ras G on their roster.

I spoke to Dave about his mix and what went into it

WWU02: So, tell me a bit about your 11-11 podcast? What went into the selection?

Dave: I kinda wanted to do a “back to mine” tape. Old school cuts and shit that inspired me. And a sprinkle of what my live sets are like

W: And how would you describe your live sets?

D: Storytelling without words. Most of the time it’s a critique on my surroundings or of myself. I like starting off slow as to give an introduction and then tell my story.

W: One question I’ve got is how you got your hands on Sicko Cell? Haha It’s a notoriously secretive tune. Well not so much anymore, but yeah.

D: I suppose i should continue in that secrecy. I love the mystery behind the track; from the get-go it was like “who made it?” “When will it release?” I thought it was funny to see the forums go crazy to find a copy and I had it in my itunes for a hot minute.

W: Yeah people went nuts for that

D: It was ridiculous

W: I mean it’s warranted. It’s a great song that nobody can download or buy. So yeah. I went nuts for it, too.

D: (laughs) I played it in the Vagabond patio and no one noticed. I got pissed.

W: (laughs) Oh the vagabond patio.

D: Some b**ch came up to me asking for hip hop.

W: What night was it?

D: The goobs for boobs night.

W: Bummer. Maybe people were too busy thinking about boobs? (laughs) You know how Miami is.

D: Hence why im leaving to LA.

W: All right any parting words?

D: Sure, I have a special message to Miami:
Unless you keep an open mind you will always be in last place.

You can check out Dave’s mix here
Smut + Bass Official Site

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