Episode 25 (7/10/11)

I mentioned during the show that I almost missed the show last night because I was trying to finish all of Game of Thrones Season 1. Shame on me for almost ruining this year’s perfect attendance score.

Anyway, this show was literally me playing whatever I wanted. Usually I go into it wanting to play the new stuff I grabbed throughout the week. This week’s show was me being tired and not having too much new stuff to play, save for the Nguzunguzu record.

Big ups, though either way. I also played a couple of Kidnap Kid tunes, a producer you can actually see I chatted with. Take a look at that!

Download: 128 kbps

Gold Panda – Back Home
John Tejada – Farther and Fainter
Jacques Greene – Lay it Down
Girl Unit – Wut (Claude Von Stroke Undressed Remix)
Redinho – Power Look
Ossie – Power of Love
Zomby – Riding With Death
SBTRKT – Right Thing to Do
NKC – Ghettotechno
Kidnap Kid – Losing It
Bad Autopsy – Ginmixer
Nguzunguzu – Water Bass Power
Wizzbit – Old School 2
Kode9 – Swarm
Guido – Shades of Blue
Silkie – New York City
SRC – Sex on the Beach
Boddika/Instra:mental – When I Dip
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Toasty – The Knowledge
Hyetal & Baobinga – Anything For Now

Flourescent Music – Window Shopping
Kidnap Kid – No One Else
Nguzunguzu – Wake Sleep
Ifan Dafydd – No Good
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches
Loefah – Horror Show
Kode9 – Subkontinnent
Girl Unit – IRL
Clueless – Fast Forward
Peverelist – Dance Until the Police Come
Martyn – Hear Me (Zomby Remix)
Adonis – No Way Back
FCL – Let’s Go
Cooly G – Dis Boy Pt. 4

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