Episode 21 (6/12/11)

Tumblr has a feature where, similar to formspring, one can ask (anonymously or not) questions to someone they follow, or don’t. I follow DJ Oneman’s tumblr and, as far as tubmlrs go, it’s actually really entertaining. He doesn’t post stuff on a heavy flow like other tumblr users do. Once or twice a day he’ll post something– usually a cool image or video dealing with weed, which he’s pretty vocal about using, or something to do w/ the 80s.

Someone asked him the other day if he liked using his tumblr more than his twitter. He responded by saying, something along the lines, that tumblr allows you to really show yourself in ways other social formats don’t. In other words, you wanna know about ME? Follow my tumblr. (Which btw you can follow here).

The point of this is that if you really wanna know what my head is wrapped around, in terms of music, listen to my radio show and you’ll see. Where Were U in 02, is as close to a representation of my music choices “at the moment” as anything else will be.

And this week’s show came through with that idea in full-effect.

Two things I’ve been listening to this week that really shaped last night’s episode hard: Pariah’s “Live from Tiger Beer” Boiler Room session, which streamed live early February, late January. As well as SBTRKT’s Live from SXSW Young Turks Showcase.

Pariah’s set is presented as a “house set”, but some of the stuff he played wasn’t exactly four-to-the-floor house music. Like for example, at around 14:00 during the set, he plays what-sounds-like a James Blake dub, which follows the same 135 bpm flow of the set, but at half-time. He transitions that style with a lot of new and old house tunes, the new ones being more house-influenced while the old carry the classic house footprint. I think it’s always really cool to hear DJs mix the new and old, to sort of bring the sound in full circle and show how much of it is influence by those classic house/garage tunes. Favorite tune by far in his set was the Double 99 – RIP Groove track. Really fast speed garage tune with a punchy bassline. It also has those samples everybody can recognize instantly (it comes from a DJ Gunshot tune). The samples from that tune might go down as being more sampled than any quote from Boyz N Hood. REAL TALK.

The SBTRKT recording comes from his performance at SXSW. I stress performance because he really does do his own thing and puts a different spin on spinning. As far as I can tell, he uses Scratch Live, but he also has his own equipment to modulate and delay a lot of the tunes. He puts just a bunch of effects on things and just really makes some of the tunes sound really different. Like at around 13:00, he changes up Breach’s Fatherless and has parts repeat itself in this really rapid delay, but only for like a second. It’s very Drum and Bass-like. I can tell he’s got some type of DnB listenership past. Really dig that. As well as donning one of the more cooler masks in producer history. Though, I’m pretty over the whole producer anonymity/mask thing.

And at around 19:30, he changes up Work Them by Ramadanman and it sounds really DnB-like as well. Sounds awesome. Best tune from his set, which I used in my set last night: DJ Zinc & Benga’s My DJ featuring Ms. Dynamite, which you can hear at 9:00.

In shaping the show this week, this all went into it! Getting really confident with my mixing skills. The key really, is that I need a PA positioned in my direction so I could hear myself. That complaint is for another post, though.

Tracklist is below, as well as the download.

Download: 128 kbps

24Hour Experience – Together
Pariah – The Slump
Kidkud – ILove04
Grown Folk – U Know The Time
2 As 1 & MJ Cole – Too Blind
DJ Zinc & Benga – My DJ ft. Ms Dynamite
Cooly G ft. Scratcha DVA – Oi Dirty
Sully – In Some Pattern
TRC – Bandit VIP
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Plasticman – Venom
Blawan – Getting Me Down
A1 Bassline – Shook Headed
Addison Groove – Minutes of Funk
SBTRKT – Pause For Thought
SBTRKT – Step In Shadows
Jamie XX – Far Nearer
LV & Joshua Idehen -Northern Line
Kode9 & LD – Bad
Monarchy – I Won’t Let Go (Myd & Same Tiba Remix)
Teeth – Shawty
Chrissy Murderbot – Heavy Butt
Africa Hi-Tech – Out In The Streets
Canblaster – Dawgs In Da House (Cedaa Remix)
Win Win – Interleave (Kingdom Remix)
Kode9 & The Spaceape – Portal
Bok Bok – Look At Me (Dub)
LV & Joshua Idehen – Talk Talk
Cardopusher – Antisharkz
Grown Folk – U Know the Time (REHASH)
Groove Chronicles – Chronicles Theme
Twist It! – Funky Monkey (Canblaster Dub)
Kowton – CountryMan
MJ Cole & Wiley – From The Drop
Brenmar – Boy U Got Me
Kingdom/Girl Unit/Ciara – Every Time I Ride It
SRC – Sex on The Beach
Jamie XX – Beat For

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2 Responses to Episode 21 (6/12/11)

  1. Grown Folk says:

    thanks for playing our track mane!

  2. wwu02 says:

    great tune, bruv!

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