Episode 20 (6/5/11)

Sorry it took me a bit to upload this past Sunday’s show. Been really busy w/ job/internship interviews. This week’s episode I was test-running some material that I hadn’t played ever. That Toasty tune is such a stunner– I’m gonna see how crowds react to it on Wednesday at Fin du Monde. It’s got tinges of Toasty’s dubstep candor, w/ a really punchy d&b backbone, that I don’t really play w/ on the show. Miami’s very much a bass/D&B town, so I think people will dig it.

I also played a sweet Metro Zu tune. Metro Zu is just hip-hop/electronic collective thingy that makes some pretty interesting tunes. They’re on a bpm range I’m not really used to– which borders more on hip-hop/rap ranges, but that specific tune I played, which you can download on their soundcloud, has got a nice 130-135 vibe that I dig. They also ride with Dubporn Records, which is a roster they’re a part of. And if head-honcho/CEO Gooddroid has them on her corner, then I’m gonna just assume they’re good. They’ve probably got some forthcoming digital material coming out soon, too. Hopefully.

Anyway, I got a busy week this week. Fin Du Monde on Wednesday, which you should come to and say what’s up. I’ve got the tropical patio gig at Get Low this coming Thursday– hopefully I’ll get to see Plastician when he spins inside. I’ve been getting really into him lately. It’s just surprising I hadn’t seen him live yet, since he comes down to Miami all the time. Looking forward to that.

I’m also spinning on Saturday for this Local Radiation show. Go over here for more info on it!

I’m making moves on getting interviews with some of the more interesting producers right now. More info on that soon to come.

By the way, the Gil Scott photo above is there because I played “Home Is Where The Hatred Is” and I kinda forgot to play any kind of tribute to him last week. So this is it!

Download link is below, as well as the tracklist!

Download: 128 kbps

Gil Scott Heron – Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Actress – Always Human
Sully – In Some Pattern
Elephant Man – Log On (Horsepower Productions Remix)
Youngstar – Formula 2
Cardopusher – Antisharkz
Deadboy – Here 4 U
Altered Natives – The Bitch
Claude Von Stroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit
A1 Bassline – Shockheaded
LV & Joshua Idehen – Northern Line
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
D.O.K. – Evil Ryu
Hindzy D – Bulletproof
Plasticman – Gotcha
Bassboy – Doom
TRC – Back to Fluff
Champion – Motherboard
P Money & Blacks – Boo You
Toddla T – Sky Surfin (DJ Q Remix)
Bart B More – Romane (French Fries & Bambounou Remix)
Baobinga & Hyetal – Anything For Now
Kode9 & The Spaceape – Black Sun (Partial Eclipse Version)
Metro Zu – Bong In The BakPak
Midland – Bring Joy (Radio Slaves Joy & Pain Remix)
Martin Kemp – Fix
Bok Bok – Reminder
Hindzy D – Shrapnel
Logos – King Mob
Lil Silva – Cheese & Bun
Arcade – Contricante (Tete de Tigre Remix)
Pearson Sound – Stifle
Manare – Voodoo (French Fries & Bambounou Remix)
Maxsta – East London Is Back
Loefah – Ruffage
Toasty – The Knowledge
Halp – Zoom
Walton – Go Shorty
Wildlife – Metazoa
Egyptrixx – Rooks Theme
Nguzunguzu – Rec Loose
Teeth – Some

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2 Responses to Episode 20 (6/5/11)

  1. Admin says:

    really enjoying the music selection. 😉 wow! for a second I freaked out thinking Toasty resurfaced. The Knowledge is from 2006, it’s one of my treasured vinyls and proves my belief that really good music never goes out of style. That tune is classic and timeless! Go and find Grime and Grime 2 put out by Rephlex in 2004. Some of the sickest music ever… still. 😉

    • wwu02 says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the tracklist! Toasty(boy) is amazing and I love all of his tunes. Knowledge, particularly, has a really big sound– way bigger than a lot of the stuff others were making at the time. It’s funny you brought up the Grime compilations– the tracks on Grime 2 are actually one of the first couple of dubstep tunes I’d ever heard, namely Kode9’s “Sub-Kontinent”. Big tune! I’ll play some of them on this coming week’s show! I’ve been trying to track down some kind of download of Grime 1, especially since I’ve been on a Plastician kick lately.

      Thanks for listening to the show, though!

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