A couple of shows I’ll be spinning at

This one is on June 8th and marks as the end of a monthly night we have here in Miami called Fin Du Monde. Run by the CEOs of Smut + Bass, one of Miami’s most future-leaning dubstep labels. It’s a night that showcases a lot of the talent/output from the label, which ranges from really deep tunes to “filthy” dubstep. Pretty versatile stuff. It also hosts DJs/producers that don’t really have affiliations with the label, as well– and partly responsible for bringing over DJs like Rinse alum Distance and Brainfeeder dude Lorn. They’ve asked me to spin a set there, and how can I say no? Any chance to spin live is only indication that I’m doing something right, right?

I’m also spinning a set the next night at Vagabond for the monthly Get Low party, arguably the biggest dubstep-related party in S. Florida. It’s always really ridiculous and debaucherous. People go bananas at that thing. Anyway, I’m spinning in the patio, which is also awesome. I get to play Moombahton; I’m probably not gonna play that. I’ll probably just play stuff like it, but faster. I don’t really know anything about Moombahton except that it’s kinda slow and sounds a hell of a lot like Reggaetton. What’s also pretty sick about this show is that I’m sharing the bill with Plastician a.k.a. Plasticman. Dude is arguably one of the best dubstep producers ever. I probably won’t get to see him, sadly, since I’ll be outside and he’ll be inside. Damn.
No flyer for this yet.

This is a show I’m spinning at for my radio station. Small little local show, and they asked me to play.

This is one is my pride and joy. This is actually a small night me and some friends started. It’s called Steam, and it’s pretty much just whatever the fuck we want to play. I can’t express to you how happy I am about this night. The theme of this night is that there is no theme. I can play my dubstep and funky stuff, or I can just play punk another night. It works like that. We’re gonna invite DJs/producers to play whatever they want, too. That simple. First Tuesday of every month at this lounge Fox’s in South Miami. Sorta away from the Biscayne area where most people flock to drink, but it’s 2-FOR-1 DRINK SPECIAL from 11 until ?. JUNE 14, 21+.

We’re having Pez play African Funk, Honey Mustard play punk and King Pubert a.k.a. Matt P play whatever he wants. It’s gonna be a blast hopefully.

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