Episode 18 (5/22/11)

For the first time ever, I felt absolutely comfortable being in the studio mixing. I mean I’m always comfortable in the studio, but for about 9 months now, I’ve been mixing live and I was never fully in-tune doing it until last night. Even then, Though, there were some points where my beatmatching went really off– apologies!

A little bit about the first track, which is an instrumental by Barbara Mason called “Another Man“. I found this song when watching one of my all time favorite films: Paris is Burning. The tune only pops up for a second in the film, but it’s in one of the best scenes in the film because it’s a summation of both the film, and late-80s Harlem. The scene has one of the drag queens Venus Xtravaganza sitting on the pier with a boombox to her side, while she has some dude next to her light her cigarette. The scene was just so 80s-as-fuck with Venus’ green blouse/sweat combo and the BM track in the background: it was perfect. I don’t know– I just had to play it for some reason. To me, it just showcased the mechanics of sound and how much I recognized this scene by associating it with this Barbara Mason tune.

Anyway, this wouldn’t be a proper Where Were U in 02′ episode without some recording issues. The last 30 minutes were kinda messed up because of the mixer board output. Meaning you can only hear the last like 30 minutes through the right speaker? Haha. I don’t know– I have such a hard time recording this show. It’s annoying, but we’ll see how next week turns out in terms of that.

I have this weird OCD thing about trying to fit as many songs into each hour, but the way I choose songs, which is through CDs, and the time it takes for me to navigate through them to find a track prevents me from choosing more quickly. I think I should maybe invest in Traktor or Serato. We’ll see. I’ve been very against it for a while, but it’s starting to look incredibly convenient compared to the way I do things now (i.e. carrying around a 300-disc booklet).

I’m also thinking of not playing that Canblaster track anymore because I’ve played it too much. The thing is, it’s such a great tune and I feel like it acts as the best pick-me-up/banger to use.

Also have to add that “Fatherless” is such a perfect track for the kind of sound I’ve been pushing lately on the show. Let’s be honest, I haven’t played proper dubstep consistently in some time– but this ain’t just a dubstep show. I’ve been trying to move the whole tropical/funky thing to levels alongside techno and really strict genres like acid house. Seeing where it all goes.

Look out for an interview within the next couple of weeks from Venezuelan/Brazilians by way of Brooklyn group Sunsplash, who make Kuduro/Tuki-influenced bass music. Check their soundcloud.

You can download the episode below, as well as, scan the set’s tracklist. See you next week.

Download: 128kbps

Barbara Mason – Another Man (Instrumental)
Pearson Sound – Stifle
Champion – Lose Control
Lil Silva – Cheese and Buns
Cory Blaine – Carjack (Sunsplash Remix)
Cardopusher – Daleduro
Walton – Funky Man
Brenmar – Like It Like That
Funkystepz – Shocker
French Fries – Senta (Bok Bok Remix)
Mr. Kanti W – Puro Sabor
Manare – Voodoo (French Fries & Bambounou Remix)
DJ John Woo e Blunt – Solta o Bass
Kingdom – Uptown Buck
DJ Alexis Freitas – Tribal Town
D1 – Ongie Bongie
Randomer – Brunk
Brenmar – You Make Me Say (Ikonika & Optimum Remix)
Boddika – You Tell Me
Wiley & MJ Cole – From The Drop
Champion – Tribal Affair VIP
Canblaster – Jetpack (Maddjazz Remix)
Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)

Zomby – Natalia’s Song
Nights Nights – Youth Real
Addison Groove – It’s Got Me
Boddika – When I Dip
Appleblim & Ramadanman – Void 23 (Carl Craig Re Edit)
BD1982 – Trails (Jam City Remix)
Pocz – Mortal Kombat II
D.O.K. – Blu Cheese
Mele -Trappin (Mensah’s Future Grime Remix)
Untold – Gonna Work Out Fine
Ossie – Tarantula
Canblaster – Clockworks
Breach – Fatherless
Funkystepz – Fuller
Brackles – Rawkus
Cardopusher – Coppertone
Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You
Momma’s Boy vs. Mikix the Car – At Night (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Mosca – Square One (Bok Bok Remix)
Canblaster – Dawgs in Da House ( Cedaa Remix)
Morgan Zarate – Hookid
Mele – Pyrex Vision
Logos – King Mob

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