Special Mini Podcast

So I did my show this week and I hope you guys dug it. At the radio station, to record broadcasts we use Adobe Audition on some weird shoddy PC, which always gives me shit-ton of issues. This week, though, that computer really tampered with the recording and I only had about 30 minutes of show-time recorded.

So I decided to switch the recording process up and do it myself, via Garageband on my laptop. It actually works ten-times better than the other computer.

Because of this revelation, I recorded a test-set through the program and the sound came out great, with no issues to stick. So this is the set, I recorded. I’m deeply sorry I couldn’t have this week’s set for download. It was a lot of fun!

Hope you dig this one, though!

You can download it through the player below, and the tracklist is under it.

  • Horsepower Productions – When You Hold Me
    Mele – Pyrex Vision
    Logos – King Mob
    Pacheko – Destruyelo
    Mickey Pearce – What You Takin’ About
    Mele – Muggin’
    Boddika – Soul What (Keumel Remix)
    Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne – Motivation
    SRC – Sex on the Beach
    Turboweekend – Something or Nothing (2000f & JKamata Remix)
    Untold – Gonna Work Out Fine
    BD1982 – Trails (Jam City Remix)
    Clueless – Jazz Lick
    Bassboy – Doom
    Diamond Bass – Nomada
    Toddla T ft. Ms Dynamite – Want U Now
  • Hard House Banton – Sirens
    Arcade – Contricante (Tete de Tigre Remix)
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